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Basically Balloons Terms & Conditions, Photography & Safety disclaimer

§ Please check your invoice carefully to ensure that everything you have ordered is shown, as the invoice will form our checklist when we are decorating your function. Please do not amend the booking form yourself please contact us of any mistakes or alterations you wish to make immediately.

§ A non returnable deposit of 50% of the total bill is payable at the time of booking.

§ Any booking under value of £50 will be subject to a delivery charge and possible mileage charge dependant on location.

§ The balance invoice will be sent 21 days prior to the function for which the balloons are required. This must be paid in full no less than 14 days before the function.

§ We cannot take responsibility for event cancellations or errors that are a result of or affected by, adverse weather conditions, industrial action, incorrectly supplied address details, strikes, natural disasters, industrial accidents, road accidents or terrorist activity as all of these are beyond the control of Basically Balloons. It is the clients the responsibility to ensure adequate insurances are put in place.

§ If the booking is made 21 days or less prior to the event full payment will be required upon booking. If payment is not received or payment arrangements have not been made, by the day of the function, Basically Balloons will NOT undertake the work requested.

§ Payment may be made by cash or via bank transfer. Please see booking form for bank details.

§ Cheque payments will result in an additional £2.00 administration fee as from 1st May 2014 and are to be made payable to Basically Balloons.

§ Alterations to the original order can be made up to 21 days prior to the function (dependent on date booking is made) at which time the final invoice will be prepared and the materials ordered from our suppliers. ANY ALTERATIONS MADE AFTER THIS TIME WILL BE SUBJECT TO AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE and we cannot guarantee stock availability.

§ Photography Disclaimer:-When agreeing to our Terms and Conditions you are also consenting to giving Basically Balloons permission to take photographs of the work they have undertaken for you at your chosen venue for the purposes of promotion and marketing and use these images on social media. All photos shown have been taken by Basically Balloons and the work which we have carried out. We do not use any photographs from any other balloon decorators. We do not divulge the addresses of private homes which we decorate, only venues which are publicised. We may use images provided by our suppliers to give examples to clients or products available.

§ It is essential that the telephone number of the venue key holder is supplied to us so that we may arrange time to construct your decorations. Balloon decorating is a very time-consuming job and has to be done on the day of the function – so access to the venue may need to be earlier than you may expect. We cannot be held responsible for any problems which may arise from us not being able to gain access to the venue at a suitable time.

§ We expect the venue to be ready for decoration on our arrival, we are unable to assemble tables if they are not ready and a waiting charge will be incurred.

§ It is the clients responsibility to assess the suitability of the chosen decorations and to liaise directly with the venue for consent.

§ It is the clients responsibility to gain consent from the venue for the use of fittings and helium. We will adhere to the permissions given to us from the venue. Failure to gain correct consent may result in us not being able to provide your ordered goods. This will be treated as a cancellation and a refund will not be given.

§ The safekeeping and return to Basically Balloons of returnable fixings, display pieces and hire or loan equipment is the responsibility of the client unless otherwise agreed. A hire agreement will be provided separately where applicable.

§ This contract is binding on both parties unless amended by mutual consent.

§ Refunds cannot be made on functions cancelled less than one month before the event. Suitable insurance should be taken to cover this eventuality.

§ Any personalised goods which are ordered require a deposit at the time of order. These products are non refundable.

§ Latex is a natural substance however can cause an allergic reaction in some people.

§ It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that foil balloons are not released into the atmosphere. The material in these balloons can conduct electricity and cause severe problems if they entwine in power lines, they are also non bio degradable.

§ Sensible use of balloon accessories and supervision is required for all children, this will reduce the chance of accidental injury, for example balloon cups or valves could be swallowed by small children, balloon sticks can be dangerous if waived near face or eye, balloon ribbons can cause asphyxiation. Children can suffocate on uninflated balloons or broken balloons. Supervision is advised when children are playing with balloons at all times. Balloons are not toys and are for decorative purposes.

§ Many types of balloon decorations are constructed using a fine fishing line to make it invisible to the naked eye, therefore children should not touch the décor or be given it at any said event.

§ Basically Balloons will provide you with the service and products agreed, we will leave your venue decorated to your requirements. Once Basically Balloons have departed from your venue we take no responsibility for the condition of your decorations.

§ Basically Balloons do not use decorations or balloons supplied by clients. We provide professional materials in order to ensure the best quality and to ensure spare supplies are available if required due to possible breakages.

§ Our stuffed balloons and balloon gifts are delivered by ourselves by hand and need to be signed for, if no one is available to sign for the gift, a card will be left and it will be returned for the recipient to collect or arrange re-delivery. We cannot accept responsibility for a late delivery if no one is available to sign for it.

§ It is the customers responsibility to provide us with the correct delivery address and Basically Balloons is not liable for non-delivery if we do not have the correct details. We only accept orders for deliveries to UK addresses local to the Basically Balloons Premises.

§ All our orders are processed personally and dispatched in perfect condition. As our stuffed balloons are perishable we cannot accept returns on these deliveries (UK Distance Selling Regulations (2000)). Very occasionally and in exceptional circumstances - normally beyond our control - the gift may be damaged, if this is the case please contact us immediately, and we will endeavour to rectify it. Refunds or replacements can only be actioned once the original goods have been returned to us in the original packing. We are not liable for postage costs of returned items.

§ We do not deliver to hospitals due to patients being discharged early or moving wards.

©Terms & Conditions, Photography & Safety Disclaimer as of 1st Oct 2016


§ Floatation times: In order to provide the best quality of products and the best service we need to emphasise that balloon float times are out of the control of Basically Balloons after décor is set up and delivered. Despite use of the Hi-Float product we cannot guarantee the expectancy of float time past the usual 8-10 hours. We will do our best to ensure that balloons are set up/delivered as close to the event / occasion time as possible within the permissions from the client. Due to helium being dependant on its surrounding climate, outside climate, the amount of handling amongst many other things, there may be occasions where some balloons float longer than others. We accept no responsibility for balloon float times and will advise and reiterate this condition to all customers who order in advance and require delivery ahead of the occasion date. No reimbursement of costs will be offered for balloons not floating long enough.

How to care for your Stuffed Balloon:-

§ Always pop balloons under adult supervision away from children and animals, once burst please discard all small parts and the broken balloon.

§ Ensure the balloon is kept away from heat sources that could present as a hazard or cause damage.

§ Keep away from sharp objects.

§ Keep away from young children - all our nursery bears are newborn safe as per manufacturer's guidelines.

§ Stuffed balloons are temperature dependent and may swell in the heat or shrink in the cold, it is best to keep your balloon in at room temperature.

§ Please see our terms and conditions for general safety guidelines for latex balloons and components.

§ We use wire to ensure Teddy Bears used remain in perfect position whilst in transit. Please ensure this wire is removed before giving the Teddy Bear to a child.

§ Please note that some sweets may contain of have traces of nuts and nut oils or may have been made alongside other products containing nuts for which we cannot hold any responsibility.

Children’s Parties:

If young children are going to be present at the venue when your are setting up for your event, Basically Balloons cannot take responsibility for supervising children during this time or for any damage to items caused by children being permitted to play with decorations provided by Basically Balloons prior to the event. If a balloon becomes damaged or bursts due to being manhandled or played with, Basically Balloons cannot guarantee they will be able to offer a suitable replacement, and a charge may be incurred.

Children can often be startled by the inflation and bursting of balloons and due to health and safety we request they are supervised at all times away from equipment. If we feel a child is at risk we will request they move to a safer location.